.::HANNAH::. .::SINGER::.

Hannah is ickle. Hannah is a girl. These do not adequately define her though. Having the unenviable task of having to listen to the other Geko-ites jamming whilst she stands patiently pretending to enjoy it, is just one of the qualities that make Hannah.

Because the rest of the band are fundamentally stupid, Hannah gets saddled with the toughest job of all - writing the lyrics which transform Geko songs from a bunch of chords and beats into harmonic masterpieces with lyrics that would leave Bob Dylan weeping into his duvet (some of the words Jon can't even pronounce).

She is the most creative, funny, talented person called Hannah in the band. Her ability to perform in a live environment is unbeatable, although Gregg thinks he is better (which clearly he isn't - Rob). Her tuneful melodies, stunning looks and rock chick attitude single her out as the driving force behind Geko. We would be lost without her (she is really good at map reading too, did we mention that?)


.::JON::. .::LEAD GUITAR::.

Some of you may recognise Jon as he bears a striking resemblance to some of the artefacts featured on the 'Antiques Roadshow'. Never one to hide the fact that he is REALLY OLD (although not as old as Rob, who I must say looks really young for his age), his wizened old fingers have lost none of their ability when it comes to playing music (or as Jon calls it 'Layin down a riff, man).

As you may already be aware, he is world famous for being the only twenty something (that young, Jon? Really?) who can sip a Gin and Tonic and still look cool. Jon (plucker) is a founder of Geko along with Hannah (screecher), and has helped formulate the Geko sound. Basically, he is bloody good. He is also well known for

a) His inability to look awake in all photos
b) His hair, which frankly, frightens small children and Vidal Sassoon in equal measure.
c) His repeated playing of either 'Highway To Hell' or 'Brimful Of Asha' at every given opportunity.

Geko would not be Geko without Jon, and we love the little monkey boy and his hair too. Bless him. Now off you go Jon and have some Ovaltine and a little lie down


.::ROB::. .::DRUMS::.

Rob joined GEKO whilst on day release from the school of hard knocks because we couldn't find anybody else. He is one of those individuals who defies all things, (including us) but mainly age as he is 77 next month, but only looks 45.

Joining the band, Rob quickly proved he was not only talented musical but also incredibly irritating with a penchant for Innocent Smoothies and folding his arms unnecessarily. This is apparently his 'happy' look, not to be confused with his 'serious', 'pensive' 'comical' 'satisfied' or 'pissed off' looks which are alarmingly similar.

When Rob grows up, he would like to drive a big shiny train with passengers and everything, but until that day comes, he is content holding down the music for GEKO, insulting Jon, winding Gregg up and secretly fancying Hannah although don't tell her that. All this despite having already become a millionaire thanks to his little known TV show 'You can spin sticks too' which is now global after being shown on Cypriot television in the early 1970s... when Rob was 37....



Having spent the best part of 10 years annoying neighbours with his renditions of 'Wonderful World' before hitting the big time with Geko, the General Public has come to expect bass heroics from Gregg akin to out of body experiences. They are never disappointed. To say he has the 'Fastest Fingers in the West' would be misleading; more "The Fastest Fingers in Geko".

His combination of dynamic ability, musical knowledge, boyish good looks and caring attitude (he does a lot of work for charity, but doesn't like to talk about it) make him the most sought after musician in the land. After turning down several lucrative offers to be a male model, then bass player for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Gregg decide to waste his life away at University whilst waiting for a band that could tolerate him. This opportunity arose with Geko, who frankly, loved him.

His inability to count in time is now legendary, as is his ability to blame everyone else for 'not understanding how many beats are in a bar'. Joyfully for Hannah and Rob, Jon has also adopted this 'shift the blame' mentality, which he learned from Gregg. Its a darn good thing, Gregg is an excellent bass player, top musician and all round good chap otherwise we would have kicked him out ages ago!